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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Stephen King: Cell

Book Review:
Enjoyable....especially if you like King's earlier works, October 8, 2006Reviewer: coachtim (Indiana, United States) - See all my reviews

"The Cell" takes off practically from page 1 as protagionist Clay Riddell tries to make his way home to his son and estranged wife after finally making it big as an artist. While at a food stand, Clay begins to notice that all around him suddenly begin to become disoriented and violent after using their cell phones on this fine October day. As the violence escalates, Clay quickly finds himself in a life-and-death battle with the cell phone zombies who have been changed forever on that fateful afternoon. Only those who haven't used their cells (known as the "normies") are exempt from "The Pulse" that affected the "phonies".

Comparisons to King's "The Stand" will be inevitable from those who read this book. But, is that a bad thing? In this reviewer's humble opinion, "The Stand" is one of the great books of the last 25 years. The story is just as riveting, even if the character development is not as extensively done. I found the book to be almost impossible to put down at times and Clay and his small band attempt to get out of Boston and back to Maine to find his son and wife.

My only criticisms are that I wish King would have gone into a little more about the "why, how, and who" behind "The Pulse". A lot was left hanging there. The ending, while not totally unsatisfying, also left a little to be desired.

Regardless, this book is not to be missed by fans of Stephen King. "The Cell" will give readers a few sleepless nights and for those who try to live without them, a new reason to hate cell phones (or the "electronic leash" as King calls them).



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